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Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga can be described in many ways. Hatha Yoga always involves poses (asanas). There are many styles of Hatha Yoga.

Ease of Being offers Gentle Hatha Yoga which is also appropriate for beginners, intermediate Hatha yoga classes and adaptive Hatha yoga classes.

All Ease of Being Hatha Yoga Classes include some inquiry into how our bodies, breath, feelings, emotions, thoughts and conditioning intertwine and effect the whole of our being. The beauty of this type of practice is that when we recognize how one aspect of our being effects another and we learn to simply observe without judgement or rejection, we begin to see through our conditioning and find we no longer get caught in the beliefs and conditioning that once kept us from feeling peaceful, content, and whole. We find that we have greater energy and creativity as we no longer channel our thoughts and energy into 

past misperceptions.

Of course, Hatha Yoga will always support a stronger, more flexible and balanced body. Most everyone finds that aches and pains begin to lessen or completely go away. Many people state that they sleep better, breathe better, and are more relaxed with a regular Hatha Yoga practice. 

Description of Classes

Gentle Yoga - Appropriate for those who:

  •  Would like to release body tension and relax at the end of their day
  • Have never taken a yoga class
  • Don't want to feel as if they need to keep up with others
  • Would like to learn about the poses a bit before exploring a more active yoga class.

Intermediate Yoga - You do not have to have the physical ability to turn yourself into a pretzel for this class. You are ready for this class if you are able to turn off your ego and follow the wisdom of your body. Yes, the body may be challenged a little bit in this class at times. Intermediate students know that their practice is built upon a foundation of contentment and steadiness of body and mind.

Appropriate for those who:

  • Have the ability to listen and follow the guidance of their body rather than their ego
  • Have no physical limitations (or are willing to adjust poses to fit their bodies needs)
  • Enjoy a bit of physical exertion
  • Like to explore physical movement and are OK with their bodies doing only what they are capable of doing (realistically ,what more could ask from your body!)

Adaptive Yoga - Appropriate for those with chronic pain, chronic illnesses such as Parkinson's, MS, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, joint replacement, injury/surgery recovery, etc.:

  • Who need extra assistance in adapting poses to the needs of their bodies.
  • Can set aside ego and be comfortable with doing whatever it takes to come into a pose appropriately for their own body's requirements
  • Are willing to ask for assistance when they need it.

Ease of Being is here for your benefit, please use us well.

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