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"Thank you Will for over 25 years of listening, encouragement, good health, and grounding. Especially during the two major health crisis, your healing touch and spirit have been lifesaving.

Blessings to you, Charlene"

"Dear Will,

I am grateful for your nurturing hands and loving heart over these may years. You have held me in the depths of my sorrow and pain and celebrated with me in times of joy and growth. Wishing you many blessings.

Love," KU

"All life is precious Magical, Enchanted, and filled with love. I learned this from you. Thank you Will,

Light and Love, Debbie"

"Dear Will,

Thank you for your continued love and support; for your grace and non-judgment towards me. I enjoyed my moments with you - talking, expressing feelings - and appreciate your healing hands.

Love," IT

'Will-- I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how glad I am to know you. I honor that part of you which is so open to Great Spirit. It's so obvious that Spirit moves through you. You have a way of knowing what is needed to guide the letting-go/healing process.

I'm feeling great! No tension or heaviness in my shoulders. 

I look forward to further sessions. Sally"

"Dear Will,

Thank you for your time, love and wisdom tonight, and all the times before. You really help me on this journey and I am truly grateful for your help.

Fondly," EB

"Thank you dear Will, for being in my life. ---When others have attacked, thank you for your steady support. When I have doubted myself, thank you for not doubting. When everything is confused, thank you for seeing clearly. Thank you for everything - for helping me find my life again. I am ever so grateful. You are a wonderful friend.

With Love, Leslie"


I feel thankful for this work---and also thankful that you're the kind of person that inspires the trust necessary for me to do it!


Dearest Will and Shakti,

Will, your visit was appreciated beyond the spoken word. [My husband] was very impressed with you (who wouldn't be). Your loving kindness and spirituality were deeply felt.

Shakti, thank you for sacrificing your time to be together and supporting your sweet husband to help my precious husband. You are special and very appreciated.

Love, love, love, and More Love---" SM

"Dear Will,

What I most appreciate about you how you combine your excellent talent and skill with your spirituality. I always feel safe and supported while I Journey through the often frightening process of remembering. I will be forever grateful for your nurturing assistance in reclaiming my freedom.

Most sincerely, Wendy"


I don't know if you know how very special you are, and how special your work is. You have a gift that God has revealed to you to share. Thank you for sharing it with me. Rosemary"

"Dear Will'

Thank you so very much for sharing your talents and healing presence with me. You're an inspiration to me. Thanks again.

In Love, Laughter and Light," LP

"[Will and Shakti,]

You both have created a wellspring of caring that warms the heart and gives peace to the spirit. Namaste, Paul"

"Dear Will,

Thank you so much for the incredible gift of you. I am so blessed. You truly have an incredible gift to give to the world. I know. I felt, I experienced. The warmth of your unconditional love will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything. Thank you with all my body, soul, and mind.

Love and Light, Jennifer"

"Will, are wonderful. I want every one to experience your art, your gift and blessing, your love. You are truly the essence of pure love. The day after my session and the day after were incredible. Thank you for your warmth and love. Wishing you and Shakti much love.

Thank you With love, Jennifer"

"Dear Will,

Our sessions have created a dialogue between my inner and outer worlds, leaving me with a more comfortable relationship with myself and at greater peace with the world. Thank you.

With blessings and prayers, and warmest regards," OM

"Will, just in case I haven't told you lately, I really appreciate and stand in wonder at the process of our work. ...I am touched by your honesty and your courage to work with me.

See you Tuesday! Judith"

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